Monday, October 11

Happy Monday!

This is not a very happy Monday for me. Well, it's not bad but it could be better.
This is more like a sleepy, achey, it's too hot out and I want my bed and some AC, kind of Monday.

I think today would pick up if I could enjoy something like this...

in the comfort of my home rather than a cubicle.

Also, I don't want it to be 81 degress outside. It is October 11 and I would like some cold fresh air to wash my face of humidity and dry heat. It would make the falling leaves smell so much better!

Am I a ball of joy or what?

Ok, up next, something to inspire a jealousy induced heart attack.

I love J. Crew. Classic staples and feminine trends, even though a bit pricey at times, you can never go wrong with these timeless pieces. However, my dream is that one day, one season, the talented Jenna Lyons expands the J. Crew kids label into big girl sizes.

Why are they cooler than me?

Oh, they have a professional stylist, a $$$$ wardrobe, and have never felt the effects of a frosty brew?
Who would have thought! I hope that my kids look this adorable someday!

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