Wednesday, November 3

A Me Date

This brisk weather is getting the best of me and I am in need of a date night with myself.
It is extemely depressing waking up to darkness, catching the train just as the sun comes up, working inside while staring longinly at the sunshine outside my window, and leaving work when the sun goes down. I think it is wearing me out and I need a vacation from these long weeks.
So, tonight I am going to shut myself off from boyfriends, friends, gyms, and generally crowded areas to enjoy a glass of wine, cook up some dinner, and enjoy some quaility time with me.

Dinner & wine would be ideal here...

or here.

Relaxation will take place here, complete with crackling fire.

Bath here.

Slumber here...

or here {this looks like a happy morning followed be a happy sleep}

or here, with pretty headboard.

Then tomorrow morning, people will like me after getting ready here because I will be calmed and relaxed and pretty from the white walls and cool Colorado rug.

and also because I soaked in a bath here and smell like fresh lemon and peonies.

I could also get ready here with my bare feet on the hide rug and warm fuzzy towels that looks like blankets and enormous mug of coffee.

Maybe all of these will make their way into my dreams tonight and my brain will make magic so it feels like I went on vacation.

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