Wednesday, November 17

Olivia Palermo & Lace Tights

Olivia Palermo is ridiculously good looking. And I can say that because I am a girl and I like fashion and pretty things and she is able to make all things fashionable and pretty. So, hence my girl crush.

She is chic. AND has amazing hair, is skinny, and has killer awesome eyes.
{I have a boyfriend people, don't worry}.

Anywho, the other day I came across this...

and thought to myself "wow, she looks really chic and cute and I want those tights for the holidays!"
but, can I pull these off and look like Miss Olivia? Probs not.

Then I see pictures like this and I get scared to try this trend.

So, what do you think I should do?
I could purchase these at J.Crew, and hope that I look like Olivia.

OR I can just realize that I am not as cool and chic and skinny and pretty as Olivia and get over myself.

What do you think?

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