Tuesday, November 2

Pretty Stuff

On a recent day trip to Hinsdale, I stopped into a new store called The Green Goddess.
I was immediately met by this gleaming globe of crystal light beauty, I don't have a picture but it looked very much like this:

but it sprayed out purple rainbow light all over the place. Very appealing to the eyeballs.
Anywho, I found this ring that I was immediatly drawn to, made by Dara Ettinger.

Totally edgy and raw, and usually not my style at all, but I had to have it.
{Mine doesn't look exactly like this, it doesn't pick up the prism, and is a deep charcoal}

All of her styles were very cool.

Especially her gold roman initial rings on green agate, love.
And the good news is, Dara has her own Etsy shop, which you can explore here.

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