Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving & The Engagement Party

Thanksgiving in Michigan was the perfect escape, minus getting the stomach flu, but that was after the food so I still enjoyed myself way more than necessary and got to spend time with Dave's family!

On Saturday, we ventured back to Chicago to celebrate Alex & Tad and their Engagement Party hosted at my house. 

It was so much fun to celebrate Alex & Tad with all of our families and friends! 
{Our food at the party was done by Truffleberry Market. If you live in the Chicago area and are looking for an amazing catering company - I sincerely, highly recommend. Brittany and her team made this event so unbelievably easy for us and we couldn't have done it without them and their amazing food!}

Sunday was not so fun, Dave and I woke up completely hungover but my mom made us a greasy breakfast and we go to lounge around with my brother and these lovebugs.... 

Henry is so cute I could eat him up. Goodnight my dears!

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