Monday, December 20

Make A Statement: Rings

I'm having fun with these statement posts and thought I would share some more ideas with another one of my favorite accessories: a cocktail ring. If you want to add more jewelry to your statement necklace, I say you pair with small post earrings and a fun ring - that way you can balance out the heavy without going overboard. Here are a few fun pieces to try for the holiday {or whenever!}:

1. Circular Pendant Ring $6.80
2. Pearl Bow Ring $5.80
3. Antique Pearl Flower Ring $5.80
4. Elastic Rhinestone Ring $5.80
5. Large Faceted Ring $3.80
6. Stunning Plastic Ring $4.80
7. Exquisite Saucer Ring $5.80
8. Faceted Floral Ring $5.80
9. Super Burst Ring $6.80
10. Majestic Bead Ring $5.80

Lucky for you, all of these pretty ladies are from Forever 21. Go nuts.

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