Friday, January 14


Happy Friday, my loves!
I feel especially happy that today is Friday because this week has been long and has drained my spirits a bit.I don't have much of a plan for this weekend which excites me a lot. However, my parents are coming downtown tomorrow night with my little pup Henwie, and we are heading here:

Whole Foods Market in Lincoln Park. This is more like Whole Foods Wonderland.

It comes with a full bar and separate wine bar for a full dining experience. We plan on grabbing a brew and perusing aisle after aisle until we find something yummy to take home and cook on my grill. It should be fun.

Aside from that and running and maybe a manicure, my weekend is clear. Winter blues put me into a social rut, hanging at home seems way more warm than putting on some cute heels and trekking to a bar.
I sound like a loser. Maybe I need to pull out some cute pumps and take the streets like the image above. I would probably like winter a lot more if I were somewhere like this...

Also, yum.

Happy weekend!!!!

{images via Pretty Stuff and Crushculdesac}

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