Wednesday, February 2

Snow Day Survival

Having a snow day in the middle of the week makes me want to take full advantage of this blizzard, despite the fact that the snow is falling at 2" per hour and the wind feels like a slap in the face. I think I need to bundle up and join the rest of my friends who are enjoying a mid week break - I will need these essentials to make sure my day off is well worth it!

1. A Warm Knit Scarf to protect me cheeks!
2. My iPhone to get emails & potentially "work."
3. Snowball mittens to play in the snow.
4. A warm hat.
5. My camera to capture some memories!
6. Tall waterproof boots for the 10' snow drifts!
7. A fisherman sweater to keep me warm.
8. A yummy candle. 
9. Socks for my toesies. 
10. Alcohol, for seriously warmth.

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