Tuesday, March 15

Please give me a dress, thank you!

As you know, my cousin is getting married in two weeks in Miami and I am struggling to find a dress for the ceremony & reception. I can't decide which direction to go in, but I know I want something easy, breezy, beachy, easy to eat in and easy to dance in. I have a problem with falling in love with dresses that are way over budget and need some money saving options! Asos is sold out of all of my favorite pieces and I'm worried that H&M, Zara, and Urban are not exactly what I am looking for. Thoughts? Ideas? Advice? Dresses that you want to give to me? Thank you!

Sparkle + Glam 1 2
Pretty Prints 1 2
Colorful Mini's 1 2

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Emily Marie said...

The sparkle/glam would look adorable on you! And, would be perfect for a wedding! xo