Wednesday, April 6

wedding details + Florida sun!

Before I jump into Florida photos, I realized I didn't share any pictures from Alex's dress fitting! However, Alex requested that I not share ANY photos on my blog, but these won't give anything away and I'm sure her hubby to be will not be browsing HH anytime soon.

This whole best-friend-getting-married thing is very surreal. Especially since the five us have been best friends for years and years and we get to stand up next to Alex and watch her become a wife! So exciting.

Now, Florida. I apologize because since I was under the weather for the better part of the trip, I wasn't playing paparazzi as usual so the pictures are a little sparse.

I got sunburned the first day, and am peeling like crazy today. The rehearsal dinner was on a yacht which was amazing, but sickness set in throughout the night which I am still recovering from. The wedding was perfect and my 75 family members made up majority of the guests, which made for quite the dance floor. I was sad to leave but happy to be home and April is here which means one month closer to warm temps + sunny summer days!

Do you have any trips you are looking forward to? Can you believe summer is right around the corner?!

**Also, I was so very excited to see all of my new followers on Twitter! I love watching this blog grow and I am sincerely devoted to making HH a favorite read for all my loyal followers. I appreciate every compliment + welcome any critic/blog request!! YOU are what makes HH possible and enjoyable to work on every single day, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

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