Thursday, April 7

this one's for the boys.

I think one would say that generally, I surround myself with some very fine looking gentlemen...

and thankfully, these two wonderful and amazing people, brought me up appreciating style.

{I mean, what mom goes hunting with hot pink lipstick? mine!}

So when one of these fine, young chaps asked me to do a segment on men's fashion, I was super excited! Obviously we, as women, are attracted to our own versions of handsome men, and I tend to be drawn towards a more American-classic-preppy-edgey-southern-scruffy-city sense of style, sort of like these ridiculously attractive humans:

Oh, heyyyyy boys.

So, what type of hunky man style do I prefer? Here we go.

Although men look incredibly dapper dressed up, I still find a casual sense of style extremely sexy.  I love Sunday mornings when you wake up all scruffy and we throw on some Sunday wears and head to brunch. You still look great in a baseball cap and sweatshirts can be cool and don't need be bought at Kohl's. It is so easy to be effortless and still be capable of portraying your personal "look", and I think each of these items are a clear example of what casual style represents:

1. Ben Sherman Waxed Coat $170.34
2. Vilebrequin Whale Swim Shorts $215.16
3. J.Crew Broken In Tee $24.50
4. Sperry Topsider Authentic Boat Shoe $69.95
5. Ray-Ban Wayfarer in Tortoise Shell $215.16
6. Scotch & Soda Breton Stripe Sweatshirt $161.37
7. J.Crew Baseball Cap $20
8. Vans Authentic Plimsolls $71.72
9. Superdry Technical Windbreaker $125.51
10. J.Crew Rugged Twill Traveler $168
11. J.Crew Sun-faded Fleece Sweatshirt $69.50

Now, let's clean you up. Since we don't get to see you dressed up for us all that often, we love when you pull out this look all on your own. I know sometimes you may seem over dressed, but trust me, we like it.

1. J.Crew 7" Chino Short $49.50
5. Barbour Classic Beaufort Jacket $399
7. Asos Leather Look Satchel $53.79
8. VV Braided D Ring Belt $49.50
9. J.Crew MacAlister Boots $135.00
11. Timex 1600 Watch $195.00
12. VV Twill Club Short $69.50
13. D&G Leather Briefcase $708.24

And to tame your shopping taste buds, here are a few of my favorite manly links:

Happy shopping gentlemen!!

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