Tuesday, April 19

What type of bride will you be?

With weddings becoming such a trend and more and more designers breaking away from the traditional mold, I have been thinking what kind of bride I will be {when the time comes of course}? My best friend Alex is getting married in June and it has been so much fun to page through bridal magazines, pick out accessories, and help dress both the boys + girls of the bridal party. Her wedding is definitely more traditional, with some country club flare {boys are wearing Sperry Topsiders} and a nautical color scheme. But after looking at BHLDN, which is such a whimsical wedding website, it has me thinking - will I break away from the traditional bride I always thought I would be? Or will these new trends pull me in with their sparkly, colorful, fantastical shimmering eyes?

What do you think? What bride are you? Or what bride were you?

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jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

lovely post! i really like BHLDN but most of their bridal dresses are too artsy for me. i think im going to be a low-key flowy bride :) i plan to use lots of prints and colors for my tables tho :) xoxo jcd