Monday, June 13

What inspires you?


Mondays seem to be pretty uninspiring, don't ya think? It takes a little while to get back into the grind, you feel like you need to be productive and dive into the week, but it's not always that easy. For example, I work in a cubicle doing administrative work all day long, completely uninspiring and no relation to my passion or where I'd ultimately like to see my career. So, I must draw inspiration from somewhere else. I am a true believer that the best way to be inspired is to surround yourself with inspiring things. So, I ask, what inspires you? What gets you all excited for the week to come?

What inspires me? Color, organization, textiles, pattern, magazines, graphic design, exercise, creativity, friends, a good book, the great outdoors, history, coffee, routine, outcome.

Happy Monday lovelies. xo


natasha {schue love} said...

I hear you! Monday's are tough! I've always thought about decorating my cube so that it's an fun and inspiring place to come to work...maybe that would help?? :)

Stephanie said...

Mondays are rough...ugh! I so wish we could all have our dream jobs and then I don't think Mondays would be so bad!

Lady-Pa said...

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Mo Pie, Please said...

Mondays usually are pretty dull, aren't they? Your list sounds pretty similar to my own list of inspiring things. Hope your Monday is going well...

Emily Marie said...

The two biggest things on my list are 1. Water (Any type - ocean, lake, pond) paired with sunshine
2. Music

Also on the list: Nice & encouraging people, good friends (like you, my dear!), style from other era's (Favs are the 50's and 70's), red wine, vineyards, Paris, a good book

...Happy Monday, darling!