Tuesday, August 3

Lots of Love + New Apartment + I Need You Now

On September 1st I will be moving into a new two bedroom apartment with one of my besties. I love moving because I get to start over, declutter my life, and play around with new decorating ideas. I hate moving because it is a pain in my behind.

I find myself at work having a large amount of time on my hands to surf the world wide web, usually in search of some new favorite things that hopefully I can call my own someday soon and place in my cute new apartment.

Let me start by saying that ideally, I would like my own home now to embellish my walls with whimsy wallpaper - however, apartment owners tack on a big fat fine if you decide to change their bland, creamy egg shell walls. Oh well. For now I will dream about these...

Dreamy Anthropologie wallpapers. Just another reason why I love this store so much.

Lady of the Manor Wallpaper.

C'est Magnifique Wallpaper = Ahbsessed.

Stacked Paperback Wallpaper.

Blazing Poppies Wallpaper.I think this would be adorable in a short little hallway.

Painted Owl Wallpaper.I don't know why but this is very appealing to me.

What I do need is a lamp and a rug, a cool lamp and a cool rug.

I love this Midas Tree Lamp. A lot.

This Festival Rug would be perfect paired with our bright red couch and blue chair. I love the patterned placed with the solid furniture.

And wouldn't these be adorable to hang in your kitchen...

These Vintage Wall Calendars seem so fresh and cheery to me. A good way to keep tabs on your roomies!

And because I love Anthropologie so much, I think this is beautiful...

Glitter Quartz Ring. Very feminine and raw. Perfect for this nature theme we are seeing these days.

I digress...

I have been a big fan of Etsy lately. After coveting some fellow bloggers Etsy finds, I decided I needed to take a look.

I love the look of chalkboards inserted into frames. This one is by OldToNew, and can be found on Etsy.

And although this is totally cheese ball, I do love this saying. I think it would be cool to have in your bathroom, like on the wall of your shower. These decals are sold by Derder on Etsy.

And just because I want, want, want and don't need, need, need, I would like this as well.

J.Crew Peekaboo Sequin Cardigan. Want. No, Need. Now.

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