Tuesday, December 14

A Clean Closet & Other Things

I cleaned my closet tonight. It is shocking how out of control it becomes if I don't stay on top of my buying habits and hoarding things I don't wear. By the way, have you ever seen the show Hoarders? I have become mildly obsessed. Watch it, you will want to clean your closet too. 

I also organized my jewelry and hair accessories which makes me want to play dress up. It also makes me mad at myself because I don't wear half of the things that I own. Another New Years resolution!

I purchased this on Sunday and it smells like Christmas. 

Henwie came downtown on Saturday to hang out with me for the afternoon, and I can't get enough of these photos. What an adorable little gentleman.

Ok, laundry and bedtime, see you tomorrow!

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gina said...

Cute blog Liz! Your closet looks full of fabulous things!