Wednesday, December 15

Hey Santa

I have come to realize that when my family asks me for my Christmas list it no longer consists of things that I want but are more or less things that I believe are necessities in my everyday life {most of the time}. I need to utilize this holiday of giving as a chance to obtain the objects that I avoid buying myself - hence, my Christmas list:

1. Ugg gloves to brave Chicago winters.
2. The new iPod Nano to get me motivated.
3. A new camera lens for my Sony a330 to better enhance my photos & my blog.
4. A cutesy iPhone cover just because.
5. A calendar to plan 2011.
6. A new wallet to keep me organized. 
7. A cross-body bag for ease and cool status. 
8. A new Macbook case for stylish travel. 
9. Cold weather running gear to train for my marathon in April!
10. Sorel boots to play in the snow with my pups.

What's on your list?

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