Monday, January 10


I'm feeling happy today people, which is shocking for a Monday and the fact that I didn't sleep well last night. But I love going into a new week feeling like my life is going to be clean, I'm going to be organized, I'm going to workout, I'm going to feel put together at work, and shits going to get done.

I'm kinda feeling like my life is colorful today, and this outfit would be ideal if it weren't 27 degrees in Chicago and I didn't opt for an all black outfit today or work in a cubicle. Oh well!

I'm going to sleep with my window cracked this week, and refresh my ashy skin with some cold air and let my brain breathe - they say cold air enhances the mind.

I also purchased these two {here and here} beauty enhancers at Blue Mercury this weekend and I already feel prettier. Isn't it funny how these stupidly pricey facial serums can play with your mind and trick you into thinking they work wonders. These do though, trust me!

I'm going to organize my life and throw away everything that I am currently storing under my bed/my closet. I also need some ideas for this blank wall in my bedroom that desperately needs some lovin'. Ideas?

I need to get the ball rolling again with a vision board. January is a dark hole of a month and I don't want to fall into a rut, these always seem to help.

I also purchased one of my favorite scents which I plan on burning throughout my productive week. It fills your house with the most amazing blueberry muffin vanilla creamy scent and makes me feel like a baker.

Doesn't this sound fun? You should join me! What is inspiring you this week?
If you're feeling the Monday blues, here is a little inspiration to kick start your week...

Happy Monday!

{images via Pretty Stuff}

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