Wednesday, January 26

Up North

We ventured to my family's house in Wisconsin this weekend to get away from our busy lives. It is amazing how quickly a three hour drive feels like a million miles away and although a short trip it was definitely sweet and extremely needed. We were greeted by zero degree weather and two feet of snow but we certainly made the most of it, beginning with evening cocktails, cards, and a warm fire!

We woke up ready to tackle the two feet snow...and negative 924794760346 degrees.

The boys tried a pathetic attempt at ice fishing.

which they soon realized that a bloody mary sounded better and we warmed up inside before witnessing a more legitimate form of ice fishing

where there are parking lots on the ice and warm huts and burgers on the grill. We enjoyed a few beers and it was fun to visit with the fishermen.

We came home and relaxed by the fire, and laughed, and enjoyed some wine, and played some cards.

The next morning Dave and I had a Mario Cart challenge. I won. We took the pups out for a walk before heading back to Chicago in time for the Bears/Packers game.

It was so beautiful and makes me wish I could escape there every weekend.
On our drive home we stopped at a cheese chalet to prep for the game.

All in all, I gained about 20 pounds, the Packers are going to the Superbowl, and we had a wonderful weekend!

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