Wednesday, January 26

Who Am I?

Joining the blogosphere has definitely had an impact on my personal style. As soon as I think I like one thing, some cool blogger tells me that my idea ain't so cool so I ditch my once cool idea for a new idea. It's a very confusing process but I have come to realize that I draw inspiration from so many different styles, designers, influences, etc. that I am beginning to question my aesthetic preferences. What do I like? Where do I like to sit? What catches my eye? Where do I feel comfortable? Who am I? Now that I live on my own and have a say in decor decisions, I find myself very confused.

Because I like neutrals - soft colors and feminine accents.

But then again, I enjoy a rustic home that feels cozy and has big oriental rugs and lots of big couches and deep wood floors.

BUT, I also have an obsession with pattern...

and just color in general.

So, where do these all tie together?

I don't really know, but I think I'm going to need a huge house to figure this out - and also numerous $$$.

{images via A Lady's Findings, Elle Decor, Miles Redd, Robyn Karp, Kelly Wearstler}

**Also, a HUGE congratulations to Bailey & Pete and their soon to be addition to the McCarthy clan!! xo

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