Friday, March 25

Have a sunny weekend!

Everything in Chicago seems gray again. Mother Nature totally teased us and the weather has reverted back to bitter cold mornings, cloudy skies, and a not-so-great 10 day forecast. But that's okay! Because this weekend is full of birthdays, visitors, and cupcakes - so it has to be great.

I have three of my most favorite people's birthdays in the span of two days, so we have a few get togethers planned, dinner reservations, parents visiting, cakes ordered, and dancing areas reserved for late night festivities. Also, my best friend {who is getting married June 18th} has her first dress fitting on Saturday morning! So I will be venturing out to the suburbs, to a cute little wedding boutique, and capturing some moments on my camera - I will report back on Monday.

What are you up to this weekend? Is your forecast bright?



Emily Marie said...

Forecast is bright and I'm excited for all the festivities! Can't wait to see the dress fitting pics! xo

Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

It got chilly here again too and is suppose to rain all weekend, BUT PrettyStuff is home for 10 days! ps - i get such a kick when PrettyStuff and I are in the same photo source! thanks for making my day!!! oxo