Monday, March 28

Birthdays + 5,000 lbs gained.

This weekend was a whirlwind! Three Birthdays, parents meeting, cheese platters, 5 cakes, lots of wine, truffle pizzas, presents, wedding dresses, driving, not working out, eating ridiculous amounts of food, too much alcohol and so much fun. We celebrated this weekend.

Friday we had dinner at Scoozi! for Katie and Dave. I don't think I have eaten that much food before in my life. So, the first 30 pounds were gained on Friday night and about 5 bottles of vino helped wash them down pretty well.

Saturday Dave and I went to dinner with our parents at Hugo's Frog Bar - yum. And then continued the partay at my apartment with a ton of our friends. More alcohol and 5 cakes later we ventured to The Coach House at Uncle Fatty's. So needless to say, I got about 10 hours of sleep total, ate 5 cakes, drank 10 bottles of wine and discovered an entire bakery left on my patio. Of course I finished my weekend by eating two ginormous cookies, forked a cake, and ate a brownie - on Sunday only. Hence 5,000 lbs gained. Did I mention I am going to Florida on Wednesday? And have to be in a bathing suit?

I have two days to lose some pounds. Ice cubes and lemon wedges will be my best friend.
How was your weekend? Are you struggling on this particular Monday as much as I am?

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