Tuesday, March 29

RH Baby + Child

Did you know that Restoration Hardware creates absolute masterpieces for whitto babies and cute children? I was unaware of this until I saw the "RH Baby + Child" catalog sitting at Dave's house {strange}. Seriously, the furniture is unbelievable and I could not get over the baby cribs fit for a little prince or princess.

The Sloane Conversion Crib. Beautiful, with a headboard for a baby!

This Adele Crib is by far my favorite. I love the woven cane panels and little carved cabriolet legs. 
All of these beds convert into charming toddler beds to extend their stay and make sure you get every last penny out of their price - because these puppies cost a pretty penny. Worth it or not?

Perfect for my pal with a little princess in the oven!

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