Wednesday, March 30

Retreating to warmer weather.

I am ditching Chicago's neverending winter weather for some sunny days and 85 degrees! I won't be posting again until Monday morning because my long weekend is going to be full of sunshine, early morning coffee on the beach, bikini's, beach runs, colorful toesies, a rehearsal dinner on a yacht and a wedding on the beach!

However, if you just love me that much and fear that you will miss me while I am away...well don't fret and follow @HelloHappyHaven on Twitter. I'll tweet, tweet you sunny views so you can pretend you are by my side, soaking up the sun!

One last thing, I am having issues trying to decide which dress to wear to the wedding...

The left is an old Milly dress that is so comfortable and easy, breezy.
The right is a new Shoshanna I swooped up, a little more fitted but I LOVE the print.

Enjoy the rest of your week, my dears! xo

{images via Pretty Stuff}

1 comment:

Emily Marie said...

Have so much fun in the sun!!! I'm going to be jealous of your freckles when you come back.
PS - Tagged you in my post! xoxo