Monday, April 18

Beers, Brides + Wine

Hello again! How was your weekend? Here are a few pictures from mine...

My Friday began at Urban Burger Bar, which was fantastic. If you live in Chicago, you must try. We enjoyed some delicious Daisy Cutter, fried pickles, fried green beans, and enormous burgers loaded with anything and everything you could imagine. Seriously, I highly recommend.
On Saturday we enjoyed some good ol' friendly bonding while watching the hockey games at a bar. Which led to a very low key, uneventful Saturday night. Is anyone else feeling extremely burnt out from  spring winter? I am so over these cold days.

Sunday I traveled out to the suburbs for a ladies day + my best friends bridal shower!

Has anyone heard of the tradition of saving the bows from each present and creating a ribbon bouquet for the bride's rehearsal?? Well it is cute, and for each ribbon broken = one child born. Ha!

{Bridesmaids minus Allie - we missed you!!}

It was lovely. I love getting dressed up, sipping champagne, eating mini cupcakes, and being with my pals. Soon to be Mrs. Alex Laws, we are so excited for you!

Our Sunday ended here, the Webster Wine Bar.

Dave and I walked over with our friends Doug + Emily, and it was wonderful! The atmosphere, wine flights, tunes, cheeses, everything. The perfect end to a weekend.

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine. Now it is on to a new week that I must make productive, healthy, and filled with H2O. I am feeling a little dried out, puffy and about 10 pounds heavier - which isn't fun to feel, especially on a Monday - a SNOWY Monday that is {Oh it's April? Weird.}
Happy Monday! xoxo

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Emily Marie said...

Thanks for the link up!
Loved the weekend recap. xoxo