Friday, April 15

week in review!

It's Friday, we made it! How was your week? Mine seemed long and short all in the same, but the 85 degree weather we had last Sunday is now 40 degrees and it feels like winter with rain on the horizon. Oh well.
Here are a few things that made my week...

color in my closet again and pretty dresses all in a row...

...a new home for my pretty computer!

A pretty new pair of earrings, found here.

flowers + herbs planted on our porch, waiting for Spring!

and a tax return splurge, because I have been searching for the perfect wedge,  I had to.

How is your weekend looking? Mine is looking very low key aside from my best friend's bridal shower on Sunday! Lots of rain and wind in the forecast, so I may be hunkered down inside. Happy Friday! xo

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