Monday, April 11

iPhone photos + Spring!

Good morning! How was your weekend? Stylish? Mine was! However, since I am no Emily or Taylor, I do not have a loving boyfriend to take pictures of me {I think Dave would laugh in my face} so my pictures are a litte amature but fine nonetheless. I will breakdown my wardrobe pictures tonight but for now here are a few snapshots of my weekend...

This is a blurry photo, but if you haven't been to The Local Option and you live in Chicago, go. Best beer lineup ever.

Also, it is officially Spring in Chicago. The city is coming back to life and everything seems colorful!

Also, Sunday it was 85 degrees here. 85! So I began my morning with a run along the lake.

I know I looked silly snaping photos on my phone but I was trying to document my happy Sunday the best that I could. After my run and I had a long mimosa brunch with friends and went to Home Depot to gather some plants for my garden porch.

I left with basil, cilantro, Ranunculus {huh? pretty} and Daffodils. They are potted and sittin' pretty on my porch, pictures to come. That completed my weekend! Along with two pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and crying on the couch with Dave to Undercover Boss.

Happy Monday!

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