Wednesday, July 21

A Happy Kitchen

My parents are in the beginning stages of planning a re-do on their kitchen at my house in the suburbs. I am envious of this adventure because we all know how important and strong these wonderful rooms have to be, so creating a brand new kitchen all your own sounds ridiculously fun. My mom loves white kitchens, probably more than I do, with accents of color here and there. So, I have assembled some photographs for inspiration.

Kitchen by Jonathan Berger. I love the mirrored cabinets.

Kitchen by Gil Schafer. The painted interiors of the cabinets adds a dash of color.

Kitchen by Judith Barrett. High ceiling plus huge light fixtures = I want you, kitchen.

Kitchen by Ray Booth. Love the idea of a large table as an island.

Kitchen by Joan Schindler. Perfect symmetry with an awesomely large light bulb.

Kitchen by Ruthie Sommers. Perfectly charming.

Kitchen by John Oetgen. I love the scalloped oven vent, very feminine in a raw texture.

Kitchen by Susan Tully. Adorable.

Kitchen by Robin Bell. I love the dark wood floors against the white cabinetry, also love the oversized bar chairs.

Kitchen by Carole Lalli. Cool half marble half butcher block island.

And mom, this is what will happen if you go over board on your favorite color!
Kitchen by William Diamond & Anthony Baratta. Whoa.

{thank you House Beautiful for the beautiful pictures.}

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Denise said...

hahaha! one can never have TOO much turquoise.... or so i though until i saw that kitchen! i love the mirrored cabinets ... island "table"..... and dark floors-- all could work for me! xoxox me (mom)